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Text Effect/Blend mode


My Family, My three step babies are pictured here with my Baby. We were all sealed in the St. louis temple in Missouri in feb. 2010. This picture was a composite of several photos taken over the past two and half years since then. Adjustments made were mostly Brightness and contrast and some saturation added.
The photos were all taken with a point and shoot camera, and the times were all different

Colour Study

My wife was good enough to play dress up for me to create this photo, she looks like a cover model form some magazine or another. Over all, i’m actually going to keep this color in stock for her from now on! lol
ISO 3200

My baby boy with a ball much too large for his size, but that didn't stop him.
4/27/12 @7:59
f/ 4.0
ISO 640

A clearing in the rainy sky gave me a brief, but nice shot of the blue sky behind the clouds which worked out well for the blue color i needed for this assignment
4/27/12 @ 10:37 am
f/ 5.6
iso 160

This was epic to witness. The Blue M&M's won the day by the way after killing the nasty green ogre chief, which turned the green M&M's away with their ferocious attack.
ISO 100

Trees that have been flooded out at beaver dick park, Idaho.
iso 400
4/27/12 @1:42 pm

A row of some M&M's that i will eat later today. Just on my back porch.
f /5.6
iso 100
Taken on 4/26/12 @12:59 pm

Just outside of my house during a rain storm.
Taken in Rexburg ID
4/26/12 @ 7:53 pm
iso 6400

This was a picture of a fountain i have on my desk at home that gives of some neat colours when spinning.
picture was taken 4/26/12 @ 7:59 pm
f/ 29
iso 6400

Full and Partial Photo Cutout

This Photo was taken outside of the Spori in the Am right after the morning dew was still larger than life.

I used my Canon rebel t3i to catch the shot.

f/5.7 was the setting, not sure what the shutter speed was.

Partial Cutout

This Image was shot with a point and shoot camera nearby Yellowstone National Park in the Fall

Several Photos from the past

My Wife Sarah just outside Rexburg going north. It was getting close to sunset and the way the sun turned everything into a sort of wasteland, desert look really stood out to me.

So I know this makes eleven past photos, but i wanted to make sure i shared this gorgeous morning sky with the class, it blew me away with it's double effect of Gray and fiery orange. No changes were made to this image.

These pictures are for the most part, taken with a point and shoot camera. I enjoy macro shots and tend towards the small details as you can probably see.  I’m not too sure on the dates and times of these, so, there they are…. enjoy