simply gorgeous. Sarah grudgingly threw makeup on at around 11:30 at night after the kids had gone to bed so i could make her my Guinea Pig for my photo contest!!

An awesome composite Photo using a HDR background image by Caryn Esplin. I took the photo of myself using a tripod and a timer, with me sitting on the edge of my living room couch. I then blended things together to create shadows and texture and then HDR’d myself to match the same with the other picture

I took thins picture with a point and shoot camera in Newport Beach, California. I stood directly over the tide pool and blocked out the sun with my body and it was shining directly behind me. The colours needed only slight saturation and contrast to bring out what i saw. this is one of my most favorite photos.

Another super lucky shot of this very obliging bird. He sat very still for me as i caught him at a quiet moment in his day. he looked almost tropical and out of place, so i desaturated everything but him and his perch to create that feeling.f/6.3
ISO 250
Around rexburg/St Anthony At 11:30 am

added a dodge to the foreground and a burn to the background and sharpened the eyes. This image is not my edit post

HDR image with multiple exposures and shutter speeds.Taken in Bannack Ghost Town, Montana 5/24/12
This shot ended up being my second favorite HDR because of the creamy smooth effect that it leaves you with. Like the other house, the colors are vibrant enough to make the ordinary extraordinary. The highlights and lowlights in this picture make me happy! i want a stairwell like this when i get a house!

So this was one of a pair of birds that were catching a break by a river near Rexburg. This one was checking his hair in the reflection of the water!! as i said in the other post, these birds looked out of place with their vibrant yellow breast, so i wanted to emphasize that and so i desaturated the rest of the picture. Amazing.
ISO 320
At about 11 am on 5/4/12

Another powerful image that spoke to me. I wanted to create a picture that showed how dependent all of these plants were to the sun, they point straight to it and we rant small enough to see that from this perspective.
ISO 100
Rexburg, at 9:30 am