An awesome composite Photo using a HDR background image by Caryn Esplin. I took the photo of myself using a tripod and a timer, with me sitting on the edge of my living room couch. I then blended things together to create shadows and texture and then HDR’d myself to match the same with the other picture

A HDR image using a sunset as a backdrop for this skeleton.

Obviously a composite image using a background sunset and a set of the Pyramids of Giza. I HDR'd Mimi and the sand dune to create a bronzed over effect.

ISO 100
Taken in Bannack Ghost Town, Montana 5/24/12
For this picture i brought two images into photshop and composited Sarah on the stairway image. I burned the edges and brought the saturation dawn to give the whole image a gloomy dead feel. Then i simple clone stamped her onto it and faded the opacity in gradually.

Another powerful image that spoke to me. I wanted to create a picture that showed how dependent all of these plants were to the sun, they point straight to it and we rant small enough to see that from this perspective.
ISO 100
Rexburg, at 9:30 am